Here at FreshPoint, we understand the concerns of our customers and the community to support local businesses, eat healthier and reduce our carbon footprint.

We have made a commitment to partner with local farms and have created a “FreshPoint Local Flavor” program, which allows us to offer our customers seasonal items right from their own backyard.

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Why buy local from FreshPoint?

  • One Invoice
  • One Produce Delivery
  • Reporting Capabilities by Farm, Product, and Distance
  • Multi-Farm Access through website

FreshPoint companies help support local growers by:

  1. Offering a Distribution of Supply
  2. Food Service Marketing
  3. Education of Food Safety and Agricultural Practices
  4. Stability and Consistency
  5. Customer Access through Farm Tours
  6. COI Coverage in select Markets
  7. Negotiated Reduced Cost for 3rd Party Audits